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What is Moissanite Fire?

1. What is Moissanite Fire

The moissanite fire is also called "moissanite brilliance". It can reflect colorful and bizarre colored light, especially soft and cold blue light. This phenomenon is the result of the dispersion effect of moissanite.

The so-called dispersion is that the size of the refractive index changes with the color of light. Among all natural gemstones, the dispersion of Moissanite is relatively strong (the dispersion value is 0.104). Therefore, Moissanite diamonds will have a flame-like cold, dazzling and beautiful brilliance.

The refractive index of moissanite is 2.56-2.69, and the birefringence is 0.043. Because of the high refractive index, its fire color will produce different fire color effects with the intensity of light in different environments, and it has a rich fire color. These are the inherent physical properties of Moissanite gems. You can also click on the 4Cs of Moissanite (cut,clarity,color and carat).

2. Moissanite Fire vs Diamond Fire

The diamond rings we usually see are usually diamonds and zircons. The Moissanite fire color is above the diamond and zircon fire color, the dispersion value of the diamond is 0.044, and the dispersion value of Moissanite is 0.104, so moissanite fire is 2.4 times that of diamond fire.

Moreover, Moissanite is birefringent, so if you compare the fire color under the same light source (or use a flash to shoot the diamond and the Moissanite separately in a darker place), you will feel that moissanite fire is very good, but it is not discolored. It will not fade.

3. The source of moissanite fire

Regardless of diamonds or other jewels such as moissanite, the source of fire color needs external light. In dark days and insufficient light, diamond moissanite does not have any fire color. Moissanite fire is different from that of diamonds. The Moissanite fire is stronger than that of diamonds, and it is more dazzling.

4. Moissanite fire features

4.1 Moissanite Fire- External Fire

The external fire of Moissanite fire is caused by the reflection of light from different angle facets and star surfaces of Moissanite. The main factor that affects the strength of the luster is reflectivity. The higher the reflectivity, the stronger the luster. It also depends on surface quality, flatness and polish.

4.2 Moissanite Fire - Internal Fire

The internal fire of moissanite fire is caused by the secondary reflection of the light entering the interior of the Moissanite through the funnel-shaped pavilion, and the light is finally refracted by the crown, which looks dazzling. Moissanite has dozens of facets, and it needs precise cutting proportions and angles to control the light angle to achieve the dazzling and transparent inside of the gem.

4.3 Moissanite Fire - Dispersive Fire The sparkling

blue, green, orange and other fire rays of Moissanite are due to the refractive index difference of natural light on Moissanite and the influence of Moissanite’s dispersion coefficient. The incident light is separated from the natural light chromatogram, and there are many symmetrical sections. After the secondary reflections are further separated, they are projected from the crown to form fires of different colors. In the entire dispersion process, if the clarity of the gem is not high, such as bruises and clouds, it will affect the fire color effect.

Therefore, the fire color of Moissanite is mainly due to the influence of the physical characteristics of the gemstone (refractive index, dispersion index, gloss) and appearance structure (polishing degree, aspect ratio, clarity) and so on.

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