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Can I Buy Moissanite Ring As The Engagement Ring

Joy: My name is Joy. I come from NY, I want to buy a diamond ring recently, but the diamond is too expensive. A slightly larger one costs more than 2,000 dollars. I heard of moissanite, but no friends have bought it. I don't know how the Moissanite ring is. Can you tell me about moissanite?


From Smith' Answer

Thank you Nileloves for the invitation

I answered this because I happened to know some things in this field. Some people always say that diamonds are value-preserving, which is very nonsense. I don't quite agree.

Moissanite is synthetic silicon carbide, and Diamond is carbon. The various physical and mathematical data are very close. Moissanite even surpasses diamond in dispersion and refractive index. That is, it is flashier than diamond, and it can pass the diamond tester. Unless the top connoisseurs, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. In the early years, there were some cases of using moissanite instead of diamonds, and some insiders were deceived.

Moissanite is very hard (Moissanite 9.25, diamond 10). It will hardly wear out.

Regarding fading after using it for too long, it is transparent. it will fade unless you buy fake moissanite. Therefore, Moissanite and diamonds look the same, and moissanite can completely replace diamonds.

Many people think that diamonds are appreciated in value. You can buy a diamond for 100,000 and then go to the pawnshop to see if it can be 80,000. If a so-called professional tells you to buy diamonds to preserve their value, you can say that he is a liar. Moissanite is synthetic. To appreciate in value, you can only buy gold.

Moissanite is still unknown because the businessmen who sell diamonds are reluctant to tell you. With the advent of time, they will not be able to hide it for long. The diamond crash, which has been several years in the making, has been magnified by Covid-19. This coronavirus disease has put the world in lock-down, forcing the closure of jewelry shops and trashing the diamond mining companies' share prices.

Some smaller diamond miners, such as London-listed Petra Diamonds, have seen their shares plunge by 75% since the virus outbreak started in January.

In my opinion, there is no difference between moissanite and diamond, and only the elements are different. When I got married, I lacked, and I couldn't afford those expensive diamonds, so I chose to buy a beautiful Moissanite. My wife didn't blame me when she knew it. She said that she was with me not because of money but because she loves me. I am very grateful to my wife. Without her support, there would be no me now.

 Moissanite Engagement Ring Nileloves Jewelry

From Johnson' Answer

I am engaged in the customization of Moissanite diamond rings. I want to say a few words. I have received mixed voices for Moissanite.  But when they look at the Moissanite ring and unwilling to look away for a long time. What I get is the affirmation of me from everyone and the unswervingly of my ideas. Because I like such a beautiful thing from my heart, I am willing to clarify it and defend its true nature.

Whether or not Moissanite is reliable depends on what your care is. When I get married, if I am richer, I would still buy diamonds because diamonds at this moment are used as a kind of reassurance, representing sincere and lasting immortality.  Compared with a sufficient budget, this is not a problem to buy diamonds. When the budget conditions are met, more aesthetic needs, ideological recognition, and spirit emerge—the higher pursuit of the highest level. In the final analysis, a diamond is one of many gemstones. Its quality is irrespective of its origin and brand.

To buy a good diamond, you need to learn more knowledge to understand the diamond 4C standard. Regardless of the brand and origin, find a reliable store to choose the one that suits you. It's OK, if there is a real thing, look at the real thing, but if there is no whole thing, look at the certificate. I think diamonds are so beautiful, and I don't want to think about how to sell them in the future when I choose them. It will still be there as clean, beautiful, and gleaming to accompany me after so many years. I will not bear to abandon it. Everything has an aura, and after a long time, there will be feelings. Maybe this is the value that I genuinely recognize in my heart.

But if it is used as usual wear and decoration, if you choose a diamond ring, you have to wear it carefully for fear of losing it. This is a terrible loss. I go to wash my hands and drop the toilet. I don't know where it is when I go to travel or go shopping. I have heard too many incidents of missing diamonds. Even the basic style of solitaire diamonds is expensive with carat. So the price is so heavy, the mood is not necessarily comfortable. Hold your wallet tightly, and wear costly gems carefully on special occasions. So if it's not rich enough to buy anything, but who live In ordinary life, it's because we like the bright beauty. Moissanite couldn't have been better. It's white and flashing, and it's like the most beautiful light in the universe.

The diamond in which the texture is not good. It contains impurities and is opaque, it is relatively gray. Replacing it with the top-quality Moissanite is the best choose. Even if you buy 3-carat moissanite, it will cost no more than a loose diamond(same high quality as the premise). Although moissanite is not as hard as diamonds, the fire color of Moissanite is much higher than that of diamonds, More dazzling than diamonds. The ultra-high dispersion allows Moissanite to fuller spectral colors. Most of the low-quality ordinary diamonds on the market are cant incomparable. I don't know if you have watched this video introducing Moissanite, comparing Moissanite and diamonds under optical instruments. The colorful light emitted by Moissanite is shocking.

In the daytime, when it is cloudy when there is no sunlight, the moissanite is only white. At this time, the diamonds are also white, but the moissanite is brighter and clearer.But at night (there are many lights at night). Moissanite exuding a colorful light with a strong sense of power as if an exploding universe.

In terms of appearance alone, I really like the diamonds, which are super flash. Even if I don't wear it out, I put it in the cabinet at home. I feel satisfied, physically and mentally happy!  Many people now choose moissanite when they get married, This is because of budgetary reasons. For the person with a low annual income, with a lot of pressure. Some people don't care use diamonds for marriage, and they are more willing to spend money on better decorating houses, buying cars, traveling for a honeymoon.

 In short, the emergence of moissanite can be regarded as a big gospel.  As one of the options for the wedding ring's stone. I am very optimistic about the moissanite. Too many people get stuck when they get married. When you were young, you must never give up on the most beautiful and pure things. As long as you stick to it every day, This is very meaningful to Buy another diamond when you become more affluent.

Before buying, please consider the brand of the ring. The quality of different brands is different. To make sure you choose the perfect ring, you should research different brands. Make sure to choose a ring designed by a well-known jeweler. For high-quality affordable engagement rings, you can consider buying from Nileloves&Co.

I don't know how many people would like to finish reading this article, but I'm grateful to see you here.

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