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10 Cheap Engagement Rings Under $200 | 2021 Updated

When planning the picture-perpect proposal,an engagement ring is where you need to get started. Love is interaction, vibration. The jewelry you give her does not have to be the most expensive, but it must be the most sincere.

However, you must always keep in mind that the engagement ring is an eternal symbol of your love and devotion to each other, and should not be converted into an expensive expense.

Therefore, for these reasons, you must make wise choices, not only to surprise the bride-to-be, but also to prevent you from falling into financial stress.

Don't choose to borrow money to buy an expensive engagement ring, but buy an affordable engagement ring within your budget.

Therefore, to help you make a decision, Nileloves Jewelry Company has prepared a comprehensive guide that includes an exclusive collection of the 10 most popular and cheap engagement rings under $200 .

1. Heart Shape Moissanite Gold Engagement Ring


A beautiful Moissanite shaped into a heart sits prominently at the crown of this breathtaking engagement ring. The stone is held in place by three prongs set around the heart and in other mini prongs, round cut crystals accentuate the heart-shaped diamond.

The heart-cut moissanite accents fall off the heart into two encrusted aisles that meet to make the other half of the 10k gold metals band.

This is the most popular Engagement Ring Under $200.

2. White Gold Moissanite Fashion Flower Engagement Ring


This ring is very sophisticated and elegant. Available only in 10k white gold material and color, the ring features a moissanite diamond cut and developed to grade D color with VVS1 clarity.

Square shaped and princess cut, the diamond gives a brilliant glow and shine. The four-prong setting is attractive and looks very secure. It does come with a box ring as well so you don’t have to worry about that either.

3. White Gold Moissanite Fashion Six Prong Ring


Standing out is special especially as a couple and this engagement ring will help you do just that. Made of Moissanite stone instead of the usual diamond simulated stones, this ring establishes itself as a unique and one-of a kind ring.

Unknown to many, moissanite has a higher reflective degree compared to diamonds. This particular 6-pronged ring features a 3 carat moissanite crystal that is cushion cut and bejeweled with accents of tiny round-cut moissanite crystals to accentuate its brilliance.

The base metal is 10K Gold and it is coated with platinum making it a durable ring choice for every day wear.

4. White Gold Moissanite Fashion Flower Engagement Ring


If you appreciate the simple things in life, this ring is ideal for you. Made of 14 white gold , this ring has a 2 carat moissanite diamond at the crown held securely in place by six prongs.

The prongs are raised up from the metal band in a V shape which draws attention to its dainty shine. On either side of the big crystal are round cut crystals of the same nature which have been lined inside half the metal frame of the band.

5. Round Moissanite Beloved Engagement Ring


The ring features a 1carat round cut moissanite diamond on a four-pronged high setting.Sterling silver rings is used to make this ring’s band. High setting a round cut diamond allows for more light to go through the crystals contributing to its glow.

Tiny round moissanite line the sides of the band from the crown further accentuating the moissanite diamonds shine.

6. Four Prong Round White Gold Engagement Ring


This is a clear or white colored moissanite crystal that sits on the crown of the band in a low setting. The crystal is held in place by four forked prongs for added security and it is cut into a cushion shape to show off its brilliance. Along the sides

to about halfway of the band, are round-cut crystals that increase the rings allure and attractiveness.

7. Four Prong Round White Gold Engagement Ring


This Classic ring is made of 10k white gold and it features a 2 carat moissanite diamond that sits at the crown of the ring held in place with 4 prongs. All around the round-cut moissanite diamond, smaller moissanite line the edges and hallway down the width of the band.

8. Heart-Shaped Surround White Gold Engagement Ring


10k white gold and silver makes the metal of this ring. It sets upon its crown a heart-shaped 1 carat moissanit diamond in place with 3 prongs.

The moissanite diamond is set on a spacious, low and firm setting. Using only 3prongs allows you to see more of the crystal and more light gets to be reflected off of the white moissanite diamond.

9. Platinum Moissanite Flower Engagement Ring


This classic flower engagement ring is made of platinum and it features a 1 carat moissanite diamond that sits at the crown of the ring held in place with 4 prongs. All around the round-cut moissanite diamond, moissanite diamond line the edges and hallway down the width of the band.

10. White Gold Sunflower Shape Round Cut Moissanite Diamond Ring


Sunflower design brings this ring to life. Features white round-brilliant-cut side sapphires and one white round-brilliant-cut center sapphire. Ring is crafted of white gold with a bright high polish finish.

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