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What are sleeper earrings

As the name suggests, sleep earrings are earrings that you can wear when you sleep. It is suitable for people who are just piercing ears or who have always liked to wear earrings. There are many types of earrings, and most earrings cannot be used as sleep earrings.
1. Sleep earrings are hypoallergenic earrings
Sleep earrings have a long contact time with the skin, especially for people who are just piercing ears. The skin of the ear becomes very fragile. If you are not careful, it may cause inflammation. So, Sleep earrings are the best earrings for sensitive ears.
2. Small size will not affect sleep
Earrings that are too large or too heavy will be very uncomfortable when sleeping. Therefore, it must be small enough to make it challenging to catch the hair while sleeping.
3. Comfortable to wear, easy to take, and wear
Sleeping earrings don't have too many accessories. They look simpler and have a smoother surface. They are easier to wear.

sleeper earring

Who needs sleeping earrings

1. People who have just pierced their ears must wear it
2. People who like to wear earrings while sleeping
3. People who are allergic to accessories

sleeper earring

How to choose sleeper earrings?

1. Choose the shape: hoop earrings or stud earrings
2. Choose material: high purity silver, gold, platinum
3. Choose size: small and convenient
Earrings are made of more materials; to avoid infection and allergies, they are more familiar with gold, silver, and platinum. Do not wear iron and plastic sleeper earrings. Try to use high-purity silver or gold. Low purity silver or gold may contain other sources of allergic metals. Suitable purity is silver: S999, gold: Au999, platinum: PT950. We usually recommend using S999 sterling silver pillow-shaped earrings. The silver ions in the earrings have a strong bactericidal effect, accelerating wound healing and preventing infection. High-purity small earrings that you can leave at any time.

sleeper earring

If you newly pierced ear, how long do you need to keep the earrings?

According to the individual differences of each person, we recommend that you wear the earrings for 7-14 days. Besides, you should turn the earrings several times a day, but do not use excessive force. Pay attention to the wound disinfection, keep the wound clean, and not let the wound come into contact with water. After the wound has healed, you do not need to wear it at night.

sleeper earring

Can I use sleeper earrings as starter earrings?

Yes, this is a good idea.
We know that sleeping earrings are harmless to the body. Using cushion earrings as in-ear earrings is a good choice.

Sleeper earrings must be used for newly pierced people, and most other people are also suitable for wearing them. Sleeper earrings do no harm to the body; I think you will like them.

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